Drawing a Crowd – The New Brick and Mortar Experience

While the convenience of online shopping is unbeatable, shoppers still crave the sensory experience that only brick and mortar stores can provide. To encourage shoppers to leave the comfort of their laptop, retailers are turning their focus to in-store events. As Barbara Kahn states in her recent Forbes article, “3 big retail trends to watch for”, “Local retailers – where you can touch, smell, and feel the product – still offer value. What’s changing is that retailers have begun to recognize the need for experiential events to lure customers.”

Creating a compelling reason to shop in person is essential to any brick and mortar’s success. By offering a service or hosting an event that can only be accessed by physically visiting the store, retailers create that necessary added incentive.

For example, a beauty supply store could host an event that features a local beauty expert providing one-on-one consultations and product recommendations. Or, a food vendor could provide free tastings of their product. Kahn suggests offering a multitude of events like New York City Drugstore, Duane Reade, who,

“…divided their store into three areas: The “Up Market,” where you can buy ready-to-eat meals; the “Look Boutique,” which offers salon and nail services, fragrance testers, and virtual makeovers; the “Pharmacy,” where health professionals offer advice. All of these require the consumer to actually walk into stores that offer services best delivered in person.”

The key here is to properly identify the intersection between your product or service and what the customer is actually in search of. Have you recently hosted, or are planning to host, an event at your retail location?

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