Stay in the Know with Westfield Mall Retail

Welcome to the Westfield Mall Retail Blog, your source for common area retail news, industry trends and updates. With a slew of blogs to choose from in the social stratosphere, why tune into Westfield Mall Retail? Well, at the risk of sounding biased, because we have some pretty exciting things to discuss!

Whether you call it common area retail or specialty leasing, the common area market is evolving and Westfield is leading the way. As we explore new formats and continue to expand our portfolio of retailers, the Westfield Mall Retail Blog will act as hub of information for those looking to stay in the know.

This isn’t, however, just a place for us to broadcast our news. The Westfield Mall Retail Blog aims to be a platform of interaction between prospective and existing retailers, and anyone curious about the behind-the-scenes activities of the common area retail world. We will be tapping into the genius of some of our brightest employees to share advice and insight on common area business, design, marketing and other topics. With a mix of business-minded and light-hearted posts we hope our blog will find a way into your social media mix.

Comments are invited, discussion is encouraged, and sharing our news within your own personal set of social networks is the stuff of dreams! Thanks for tuning in; we hope to see you soon.

-The Westfield Mall Retail Team

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